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On-demand machining and finish

Wide range of extruded profiles

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Extruded Heatsinks & Accessories for Power Electronics
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Extruded Heatsinks Profiles

Market’s standard heatsink profiles, our own profiles and exclusive designed profiles for medium and high power heatsinks. We have our own CNC machining shop providing us the capacity to do all the machining or milling process to answer and meet all our customer’s requirements in a minimum delivery time with superior quality.

RG6000 Series

rg06061_150 rg06087_150
RG06061 RG06087

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RG7000 Series

rg07013_150 rg07086_150 rg07089_150
RG07013 RG07086 RG07089

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RG10000 & RG11000 Series

rg10014_150 rg10084_150 rg10090_150 rg11087_150 rg11205_150
RG10014 RG10084 RG10090 RG11087 RG11205

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RG14000 Series

rg14015_150 rg14016_150 rg14051_150 rg14060_150 rg14065_150
RG14015 RG14016 RG14051 RG14060 RG14065
rg14067_150 rg14068_150 rg14070_150 rg14071_150 rg14072_150
RG14067 RG14068 RG14070 RG14071 RG14072
rg14074_150 rg14076_150 rg14082_150 rg14092_150 rg14220_150
RG14074 RG14076 RG14082 RG14092 RG14220
rg14229_150 rg14230_150 rg14236_150 rg14351_150 rg14369_150
RG14229 RG14230 RG14236 RG14351 RG14369
rg14709_150 rg14710_150 rg14711_150
RG14709 RG14710 RG14711

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RG15000 Series

rg15147_150 rg15168_150 rg15390_150
RG15147 RG15168 RG15390
rg15560_150 rg15720_150 rg15840_150
RG15560 RG15720 RG15840

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