Extruded Profiles


Market's standard extruded profiles, customized profiles, machining in-house and finished with high-quality materials.

High Efficiency Heatsinks


Rectificadores Guasch’s high efficiency heatsinks series offers a great range of highly customizable high efficiency heatsinks for demanding power applications. Made of aluminium stacked and pressed single fins with our exclusive mounting process to achieve a great performance and outstanding structural integrity.



Specialized in assembling clamps using a single bolt tightening system with a precise pre-calibrated center force indicator. Designed and calibrated with an extreme care to meet and exceed the most demanding manufacturer’s requirements.

Insulated separators


Insulated separators manufactured in polyester fiber and available in two colours, red and black, these insulators allows the mounting of power plates in power electronics equipment, insulating these from its fixing base. Available in multiple sizes and diameters, can be delivered with female-female, male-female or male-male connection.

IGBT Stacks


Standard IGBT power stacks and customized designs.

Liquid Cooled


Liquid cooled heatsinks (copper or aluminium liquid-cooled heatsinks) with specific design of its internal channel for each power module type.