Insulated Base Plate Power Modules Stacks

Power stacks mounted with semiconductors encapsulated in the industry standard power modules. This type of stacks are easy to connect and compact designed. All technologies available, IGBT, MOSFET, thyristor and diode.

SCR & Diode Press-Pack Stacks


Thyristor and diode modular system with high reliability thanks to the construction with press-pack devices. Standard types available (and possibility of customizing), optimized and codified, natural or forced cooling, this series includes tested protection (thermal switch, ultrarapid fuses and RC network). You can get from this series a complete industrial rectifier, ready to use.

Press-Fit Diodes Stacks


Power stacks mounted with press-fit diodes, these diodes are directly fitted on aluminium plates.

Screw Type & Encapsulated Bridge Stacks


Power stacks mounted with screw type devices , available diodes and thyristors, allows the construction of cheap and robust rectifiers or power stacks mounted with multichip modules, habitually 1~ and 3~ bridge rectifiers, DIN rail series available.