Power resistors are the most used passive components in power electronics, we have the best technology in metal film resistors thanks to our partner EBG resistors. We also offer brake resistors for drives with IP20 protection, cemented wirewound resistors, vitrified wirewound resistors, resistors with aluminum heatsink, we also design resistive loads for power equipment testing.


We have a wide range of power capacitors with different technologies available. Most habitual MKP types, including special manufactured IGBT snubber for direct mounting, electrolytic, PFC capacitors, custom made and DC-link capacitor banks. Besides, we offer the possibility to design and manufacture DC-link bank for an optional interface between the inverter and rectifier block.


Rectificadores Guasch, S.A. offers passive components for overvoltage protection, SEMICODE electrónica has disc varistors, varistors alternative to PA series from Harris and high energy pulse varistors.

RC Protection Network

Standard range of RC and RCV network for thyristor protection, they are encapsulated for better reliability and easy mounting.