Power Semiconductors


Rectificadores Guasch, S.A.U. is the official distributor in Spain and Portugal for IXYS POWER which includes brands IXYS Gmbh and IXYS UK WESTCODE. We offer a wide range of power semiconductors, from press-pack to power modules with power diodes and thyristors, MOSFETs, IGBTs and SiC for medium, high and very high power. We also supply other power semiconductor manufacturers such as LSIS, Lamina, Infineon, Vishay, SEMICODE ...

SCR Firing Boards

Range of SCR firing cards (SCR drivers), single phase or three phase, with voltage/current regulation and SSR switching modules. Close or open loop control regulation.

IGBT Drivers

IGBT Drivers and adaptor boards providing neat driving solutions including protections and commonly-required driver functions as galvanic isolation or DC/DC converter.