Power Semiconductors


Rectificadores Guasch, S.A.U. is the official distributor in Spain and Portugal for IXYS POWER which includes brands IXYS Gmbh and IXYS UK WESTCODE. We offer a wide range of power semiconductors, from press-pack to power modules with power diodes and thyristors, MOSFETs, IGBTs and SiC for medium, high and very high power. We also supply other power semiconductor manufacturers such as LSIS, Lamina, Infineon, Vishay, SEMICODE ...

Medium Power IGBT Stacks

Our MTM series is the main range of standard product covering the medium power IGBT stacks assemblies offering a compact and very modular stacks from 30 to 300 kW using medium power range IGBT modules as industry's standard 34 and 62 mm modules and EconoDUAL™ or SimBus-F modules. Designed as three main blocks: rectifier block/DC-link/inverter to give an answer to the demand of this kind of power stack technologies. Any of these three blocks can be easily adapted to the application requirements. From this starting point, we can customize as per design in thight collaboration with our customers.