Power Semiconductors


Rectificadores Guasch, S.A.U. is the official distributor in Spain and Portugal for IXYS POWER which includes brands IXYS Gmbh and IXYS UK WESTCODE. We offer a wide range of power semiconductors, from press-pack to power modules with power diodes and thyristors, MOSFETs, IGBTs and SiC for medium, high and very high power. We also supply other power semiconductor manufacturers such as LSIS, Lamina, Infineon, Vishay, SEMICODE ...

Passive Components


Rectificadores Guasch, S.A.U. represents in Spain and Portugal passive components manufacturers for power electronics applications. EBG resistors is our partner for metallic film resistors, Hydra capacitors our partner for MKP, PFC and motor capacitor. ALCON electronics offers IGBT snubbers, electrolytic and power film capacitors. SEMICODE electrónica supplies RC networks, pulse transformers.


Power Control


We offer a wide range of IGBT&SCR Gate Drivers, to provide power application control. Our IGBT Gate Drivers trigger up to 1200V and control from one up to seven IGBTs. Moreover, we offer a great range of SCR firing board for one-phase or three-phase and compact firing board modules for triggering of static relays with zero-crossing, instantaneous switching or configurable switching.



Ultrafast fuses, Line fuses, Fuse holders and Accessories for your Power Electronics Equipments, Designs & Applications.


Power Stacks


Rectificadores Guasch provides several kinds of power stack: press-fit diodes, press-pack devices, encapsulated bridge rectifiers, insulated base plate power modules (all technologies available, IGBT, MOSFET, SCR and DIODES) and power stacks mounted with screw type devices.



Specialized in assembling clamps using a single bolt tightening system with a precise pre-calibrated center force indicator. Designed and calibrated with an extreme care to meet and exceed the most demanding manufacturer’s requirements.



Designers and manufacturers of a large range of different types of heatsinks (extruded profiles, high efficiency and liquid cooled). Nowadays the dissipation requirements in reduced spaces are growing, thanks to our technology you can improve thermal resistance and get better results. Our heatsinks are used in traction application, windmills and high power supply designs. Additionaly, all our heatsinks can be made with customer requirements.


Thermal Management


We have available a large variety of devices for thermal management applications such as radial fans, axial fans, fan racks, combi-heatsink + radial fan, thermal switches, thermal paste, etc.

Power Equipment


We have available a R+D team to to develop, design and produce custom cabinets. Furthermore, we have a standard wide range of power factor correction devices with resonance filter to improve the quality from your network and remove a possible reactive surcharge.

Insulated separators


Insulated separators manufactured in polyester fiber and available in two colours, red and black, these insulators allows the mounting of power plates in power electronics equipment, insulating these from its fixing base. Available in multiple sizes and diameters, can be delivered with female-female, male-female or male-male connection.